The new Affiliate Programme

rebuildingsociety is proud to announce the launch of its new Affiliate Programme, rewarding our valuable partners and users for spreading the word about the platform and playing a vital role in improving access to peer-to-business finance for UK companies.

In a move designed to recognise the diverse nature of the crowdfunding movement, the scheme is open to anybody and everybody, from individual lenders and borrowers to online publishers.

The programme is administrated by rebuildingsociety’s own bespoke system, specifically designed to reward referrals on peer-to-peer sites.

Our standard commission payments are as follows:

Action Payment
A lender registers and verifies their identity £20
A borrower registers and verifies their identity £15
A borrower you referred submits an application 0.1% of the loan’s value
A borrower you referred gets an application approved and live 0.15% of the loan’s value
A borrower you referred completes an application 0.25% of the loan’s value

Signing up is easy. Just visit this link while you’re logged into to get your official affiliate link. Share it with friends, family and colleagues who you think might be interested in joining the exciting world of peer-to-peer lending at

You can also split commission with the person you’re referring simply by adding an “F” to the start of your affiliate ID in the URL we give you – thereby allowing you to share the love with your friends, family, and colleagues, and give them a cash boost to get them started with lending on the platform.

“While we will continue to work closely with commercial finance brokers, peer-to-peer lending offers the opportunity for everybody to get involved in improving access to finance and better control over investments,” said Adam Knott,’s Digital Marketing Manager. “We’re excited to launch the new affiliate scheme, with the hope that word of mouth and a community spirit – along with some great commission payments – will help grow the profile of peer-to-peer lending in the UK.”

Our development team are still working to bring some great visual reporting options to the site so that affiliates can track their performance and payments better.

Visit the affiliate programme page for more specifics, and write to us at with any questions!

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