No Sweat This Summer

Control your finances this summer

Getting away for a few days can seem like a wonderful treat at this time of year – the business event calendar retires until the autumn and recharging your batteries can give your business vital impetus for the remainder of the year.

However, your finances won’t take care of themselves during this period. Employees will go on holiday and not all of them will be contactable, customers might be away and delay paying your invoices, while at the same time your bills need to be paid.

A peer-to-business loan from rebuildingsociety could be what you need…

What we’re seeing more of on our platform is businesses capitalising on our speed (2-3 weeks from application to drawdown vs months at your bank) and our waived repayment charge to quickly arrange loans for short-term borrowing. Other typical uses include additional stock purchases, working capital and debt consolidation.

There’s not much we can do about the stifling heat if your office air con breaks, but we can help you keep your business on track over the summer with a loan from £25,000 upwards.

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