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Power is the ability to create change, and rebuildingsociety is all about that. By giving investors the ability to support loans to well vetted SME’s the smart money does great things for local business owners, local economies, and investors from all over the UK. Show your support by nominating for the Fintech Power 50 and help awesomeness rule.

The Fintech Power 50 presented by Fintech Finance is an annual guide to the most influential, innovative and powerful figures in the Fintech industry.

It acts as a much-needed reminder of all the great things we are achieving in the world of financial technology, and shines a spotlight on those who are transforming financial services for the better.

Fintech Finance look at Fintech companies from around the world, across a multitude of specialisms. Their goal is to recognise the game changers, movers, and shakers who are really making a difference to our industry. Being part of the Fintech Power 50 is not an award, it is a great recommendation tool and a testament to the work companies are doing to help the sector innovate and grow.

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