Leisure & Hospitality Services Firm Seeks Continued Growth

Unlike most consulting businesses in the leisure and hospitality sector, RAM Management Services provide full management teams and staff, as well as advice.

RAM Climate Limited are seeking to borrow £125k from rebuildingsociety’s lender base to stay ahead of the game by investing in technology, additional marketing resources, and a new sales team to aid profitable growth. They decided to borrow from the crowd because they admired the lending market, says director Ravi Keshri:

“We have come to the P2P market because of the transparent nature of the model. It’s great that lenders and borrowers have the opportunity to communicate with each other. We would rather the majority of the interest go to lenders who are investing their hard-earned money, rather than to fund the elaborate infrastructure of banks that caused the 2008 financial collapse.

Over 80% of RAM’s revenue comes from stable, long-term contracts – and the business is profitable, with no other borrowings. Independent credit reference agency Credit Safe have assigned the company a grade A credit rating.

Keshri says the numbers add up to make the loan very affordable. “Our business model has been tested and proven, our turnover has grown from around £500k three years ago to closer to £2.5m in the current year. Our net profits in 2015 are nearly five times the loan repayments which would be due on the £125k loan.”

The loan is supported by a second charge that will be registered against the director’s investment property, with an estimated value of £355k and estimated equity of £121k. There are 5 days left on the loan auction, so if you want to read RAM’s marketplace listing, it’s a good time to do so.

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