Meet the team: Katie

Meet Katie, our social media and video production whiz! A recent addition to the team, you may spot Katie roller skating around Leeds when she’s not working… 

Meet the team!

Katie Uske – Social Media Coordinator

Katie, can you tell us about your role at, and a bit about your background? 

I joined the team in May 2021 as the social media coordinator. Before this position, I graduated with a BA (hons) in Filmmaking from Leeds Beckett University in 2020. Since graduating, I have been interested in getting into the digital marketing industry. My position at allows me to put my creative skills to practice. Furthermore, my duties consist of creating content for the social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and the blog. Additionally, I come up with written content with the purpose to cater for a wide audience. Besides that, I also design the imagery to match up with the written content. Video production is another marketing tool I work on. 

Why do you enjoy working at

Firstly, I enjoy the creative aspect of social media: considering the finer details like the layout, font, colour, imagery, and text when designing a post. As well as that, I find the creative process of putting a design together so rewarding. It’s a fresh opportunity to reach new potential customers. The challenge of coming up with a variety of content to cover on all social media channels appeals to me. 

Being in the marketing side of means being involved in the ever-growing world of social media. New trends appearing out of nowhere. It is unpredictable what is going to come to social media next. Additionally, the challenge aspect of adapting to these new trends appeals to me. Furthermore, my position allows me to constantly think of new ways to improve’s social media presence. Likewise, I enjoy brainstorming different ways to reach out to potential customers. 

Undoubtedly, I think the most rewarding aspect is getting to see’s online presence grow. You get to witness all the hard work you have put in, have an impact on real people. Additionally, I enjoy working on different social media tactics to see what works and what doesn’t. 

I feel it is so important to humanise a brand by sharing real stories and real people which will create a more genuine and personal connection with the audience. I also like ‘meet the team’ posts as they help put a face to our names.

What are you hoping to achieve in your role over the next 6 months?  

Without a doubt, I hope to be a more knowledgeable social media coordinator in the next 6 months. Additionally, with my social media marketing skills up to an excellent level. My ultimate goal is to improve’s online presence which will hopefully lead: increased brand awareness, important interactions and a wider social media audience.  

Can you tell me about what you like to do in your spare time? 

In my spare time I enjoy being in the outdoors. These activities include: wild swimming and hiking. I enjoy reading, roller skating and baking/cooking new recipes. As well as that, I enjoy exploring new places, experiencing new cultures. With COVID travel restrictions finally easing, expect to see me on a plane very soon! Music is something else which I am very much into so I enjoy attending live music gigs and festivals. You can expect to find me listening to Fleetwood Mac on repeat daily.  

Reach out 

If you have any questions about, don’t hesitate to give us a call or drop us an email via our contact form. One of our friendly team members will be happy to assist you with any queries.  

Meet the team!

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