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08th Jul, 2015

ProVision target Social Buildings on rebuildingsociety

Construction Project Management business is requesting to borrow £100,000 over 60 months.

If people invest in Provision UK Limited, “[the] hope is that they will know they are making a tangible difference that will impact many people for the better,” explains Nigel Williams, a consultant to the company.

ProVision’s team of four directors and 30 staff provides construction project management to churches and charitable organizations. The business is entirely driven by referrals from satisfied customers who have seen ProVision successfully help push their project to completion. With rebuildingsociety lenders’ help, ProVision aim to increase their working capital and pay off credit card debt in hopes that the loan repayment will be a lower monthly burden. Without the loan, the company’s growth may slow, Williams said.

A Unique Model

ProVision uses their “traffic light model” to mitigate risk and ensure project success. The detailed process brings forward some elements of work in the project that will flag any significant concerns which would affect its progress. These elements include land boundaries, title deed issues, restrictive covenants, legal and governance concerns and financial limitations.

“All embers of the management Team have over 20 years experience each in this market – either as church members, leaders, trustees or assistance with building projects/design,” Williams said. “This understanding of the challenges facing many church and community leaders/trustees who have little experience on bringing a project to a place of reality has been invaluable.”

Social Impact

Because ProVision works with charities and churches, its work advances the support and development a community needs to thrive. That has been attractive to investors in the past, Williams says.

“The Directors and staff believe in what they are doing and have a heart to impact all areas of society for good, regardless of background, faith, gender, and so on. They also believe by working with clients, that the benefits and additional profits that projects may generate means the funds can stay within the client’s control and therefore within their local communities.”

The loan’s risk is mitigated in part because the directors have primarily invested their own money into the project so there is no other bank debt, Williams says. The auction has so far met 40 percent of its £100,000 goal and just received a two-week extension.

You can read ProVision’s loan profile here.

28th Jan, 2015

Business Confidence at a Three-Year High – Now is the Time to Capitalise

As the first month of 2015 draws to a close, UK businesses are increasingly optimistic about the year ahead. A handful of surveys have pointed towards confidence in the British economy stemming from improving labour markets and falling inflation, indicative of a positive economic outlook. Here’s a summary of why business owners should look favourably on 2015 and gear up for growth.

Increasing sales and profits

A poll by accountancy group Grant Thornton revealed the UK was one of the most optimistic economies in the final quarter of 2014, with 68 percent of executives admitting confidence for the coming year. A survey of 1,500 businesses by Lloyds Banking Group reported that 43 percent of companies expect an increase in sales, orders and profits in the first half of 2015. Confidence has been reinforced by news that the UK’s economy grew by 2.6 percent in 2014, the fastest pace since 2007.  (more…)

25th Jun, 2014

Preparing Your Business For Any Eventuality

Dan Rajkumar, MD of rebuildingsociety shares some tips for business owners picked up during his 12 years of running businesses.

Sometimes opportunity comes knocking at the funniest of times…

We know that 4 out of 5 businesses are not looking to raise finance at any given time, but if a competitor knocks on your door tomorrow asking you to buy them out, or if you spot a great opportunity for growth, then it is best to be prepared. After all, they say the definition of luck is when preparation meets opportunity, so here are a few hints and good practice tips help you to get lucky…

As someone running a growing business, you need to know a few things you can do to strengthen your credit risk profile now, so that when you do come to borrow funds, your business is best placed to be seen as low-risk, ensuring you get better interest rates.

It will take you 15 minutes to fix a few things that could save you thousands later on… (more…)

13th May, 2013

The Future of Accounting is up in the Cloud

At we find updated accounts to be the biggest cause of a delay between an application arriving in our inbox and becoming a listed lending opportunity on the Marketplace. Something that would save everyone a lot of time and inform decision making is cloud accounting – live accounting software available to all. It would enable lenders to make a decision to lend based on the must up-to-date accounts. We found this excellent blog on that explains the concept and advantages perfectly:

A leading US commentator on technology for accountancy practices recently commented that “if you choose not to embrace the cloud you are retiring in five years”. Scary stuff, which is not just the preserve of our transatlantic colleagues. In December, no lesser figure than Sage Group’s Chief Executive felt the need to comment at their 2012 results announcement; “I wish we had been there earlier in North America. We’re coming to the market for cloud-based solutions in time in Europe.”

So why is cloud accounting for small firms now garnering such bold predictions and senior focus?


23rd Oct, 2012

Business Desk Features

Investors turning to crowdfunding for financial support

CROWDFUNDING is increasingly being turned to as an avenue of funding for start-up companies. Ian Briggs reports on those aiming to make Yorkshire a key centre for the sector’s growth.


05th Oct, 2012

Interest Rates Won’t Affect Your Crowdfunding Loan

It’s common practice for banks to sell loans or credit facilities which factor in things out of the borrower’s control like interest rates or inflation and link them to repayments – it’s how so many businesses were missold interest rate swaps.

Crowdfunding loans through doesn’t work like that.

If a business takes out a loan using crowdfunding, the rate is fixed at the agreed level, regardless of whether the base rate shoots up from 0.5 per cent or stays the same over the period of the loan.

If you get a comparatively good rate now – so anything less than your bank is offering – you’ll be working with an even better comparative rate a few years down the line if the base rate has risen and your competitors are bleeding money to stay on top of their repayments.

Plus you can always repay a loan early should you have an especially profitable period.

The crowdfunding model was designed for flexibility, so if you pay off your loan, who are we to stop you?

02nd Oct, 2012

Crowdfunding: Social Loans and Finance?

Everyone knows the internet is a wonderful thing. It connects people who are relevant to each other through LinkedIn, Twitter and the myriad of other social platforms available. It has also given birth to crowdfunding where social loans are often referred to as peer to peer lending.

Crowdfunding is a relatively new practice in financial services and is introducing a social element to the basic principles of lending and borrowing. The best known crowdfunding brands have a peer to peer model where individuals lend and borrow to each other via online marketplaces. However, the area of the market that seems set for the biggest growth over the next few years is peer to business lending – whereby unsecured commercial loans are funded by a portfolio of investors drawn from all walks of life.

The demand is certainly there for this product. According to the Federation of Small Businesses, 40 per cent of businesses that have applied for finance this year have been turned down. Many of them no doubt are clients of advisers reading this blog. Crowdfunding offers those advisers the chance to find their clients a solution, and earn introducer fees along the way.


03rd Sep, 2012

Crowdfunding can do Wonders for Your Community

When you think of what motivates you to use a local business, it’s usually the fact that it’s close so you can save cash travelling further, you could have used it before and had a good experience, or you might know the owner and want to feel you’re contributing towards the business succeeding.

There will almost certainly be indirect benefits of doing this if other members of the community act in the same way. (more…)

31st Aug, 2012

Limited Options Turn Deadline Day Deals Into Expensive Mistakes

Bad Balance sheetsThe usual madness surrounding the football world goes into overdrive on 31 August as clubs battle to sign players on hugely inflated fees and wages in the hope of improving their squads.

To the outsider the whole practice is bizarre; failure to prepare over a period of months boiling down to a few rushed deals with crazy money changing hands, particularly for British players it seems.

It is market forces that determine how much is forked out for the likes of Andy Carroll, plus a four year contract with wages equivalent to the GDP of a small nation – if you choose to limit your options to a predefined market. (more…)

30th Aug, 2012

Press Release – Launches Introducer Channel

Issued 29th August 2012

CIntroducers to Crowdfundingrowdfunding platform launches introducer channel, the business crowdfunding platform, has launched an introducer channel that pays a 1.5 per cent fee on completed loans resulting from adviser referrals.

The firm has recently launched and operates in the alternative finance sector. It provides an online platform that connects businesses looking for finance with investors looking to achieve strong returns. Businesses submit their funding requirements to the site and are given a risk grading. Investors then pledge their funds and repayment conditions in a short time window with the best rates put forward as loans. (more…)

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