Business Loan Alternative to Lending Crowd

LendingCrowd and are very similar in their offerings to businesses and business advisors. Differing only slightly on the face of it in terms of rates and fees.

PlatformLoan AmountTermRatesTime to FundsFeesEarly redemption charge£25k+6-60 mths4-20%1-4 weeks4%*No
LendingCrowd£5k+ 6-60 mths 5.95%+Av. 10 days2-5%**No

* 5% for direct applicants (not through a broker) ** *If you arrange your loan via a broker, you may have to pay an additional broker fee.

What do we do better?

Reduced fees:

When a business reapplies to refinance an existing loan, many of the lenders that supported the loan at the outset will likely want to support he business in the second round of funding by transferring their capital outstanding to the new loan. Where they do, we only apply our arrangement fee on new funds lent by lenders, so your second round of funding with us will be at a reduced fee.

Security discount:

We believe in rewarding businesses that back their loan. Where a business offers additional security we’ll discount their starting interest rate by up to 5%, resulting in cheaper finance. Find Out More.

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