Did you Know: We do Credit Checks on All Borrowing Directors

Our Did You Know series highlights features, aspects and information about the platform that may have passed you by.

When we receive a loan application, we take it through a number of checks and verifications, and a whole lot of scrutiny, before we allow it to be listed on the platform for your consideration.

These checks focus mainly around the business and its ability to service a loan at the likely rate that it will achieve on the site, as well as taking a look into the business’ previous trading history and the associated businesses linked to it through its directors and shareholders. Much of this information is driven by third-party data services, which use thousands of touch points to bring together a more comprehensive picture of the applicant business.

This information is then used in our bespoke risk tool, and the accounts supplied by the business are further analysed by our underwriters to ultimately determine a risk score between A+ and C. A business can fail in its application at any stage through this process; only 20% of the businesses that apply make it through to listing.

Aside from looking solely at the business, we go a step further and also look at the people behind the businesses. We take into account the businesses they are involved in, and the businesses they may have previously been involved in, as well as their personal credit history.

We do this because we understand that many businesses are strongly driven to success – and sometimes, ultimately, to failure – by the direct actions of their directors and majority shareholders. What’s more, if a business does fail, all loans on rebuildingsociety.com have at least a Personal Guarantee, which means that the directors may ultimately become responsible for the debt of the business should it fail to make its repayments. It is therefore important for us to know more about the directors and their personal financial history, and we do so by carrying out personal credit checks. This data is then used to further our assessment and risking of the business, contributing to the final rating.

Where a director of an applicant business has a poor credit score or has adverse information, their application may well be declined on this basis.

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