Lending Club Valued at $2.3bn as P2P Grabs Investors’ Imagination

Lending Club has recently attracted a $57m injection, valuing the business at a cool (or eye-watering) $2.3bn as it prepares for an initial public offering.

It’s the latest in a series of investments in p2p platforms both in the UK and US. Funding Knight recently received £1.5m for 20%, while Funding Circle continues to receive VC funding.

Banks and institutional investors are taking an increasing interest in the sector, which has made a profound impression on the business and personal finance markets.

With reform abound in the UK and US and more countries across the world getting to grips with the positive potential of the sector, now really is the time to get involved and become one of the early adopters.

The simplicity of the operation and advances in payment technology means there is little logical reason for the finance markets to lock out innovators with a robust business plan and the resources to disrupt tradition.

It all starts with the technology of course, and rebuildingsociety.com’s white label services allow people to enter the market quickly, either in the UK or abroad. That’s what eMoneyUnion did – work started in May and the platform launched in July. It’s connecting borrowers who want to avoid payday sites by offering them low comparative rates for short terms loans and savers looking for a better return.

If you’re thinking of launching your own p2p or crowdfunding website and would like to save yourself months of development time, our range of tailored solutions could be perfect for you.

Start the ball rolling at rebuildingsociety.com/white or give the team a call on 0113 8150 244 to discuss your requirements.

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