Loans for Start-up Businesses – where to turn

rebuildingsociety is often approached for help with loans for start-ups. While we would love to help, we’re not set up to help – legally we’re not allowed to do loans below £25,000 at the moment – and our investor base is committed to lending to established businesses.

However, in the spirit of collaboration, we’ve connected with Startup Direct to refer businesses that are too young for our 2 year threshold.

Startup Loans, which provides the funds, is chaired by ex-Dragon James Caan and loans are backed by the Government.

Here are some of the great features and benefits offered:

Funding – Get up to £25,000 funding to launch your business at a low, affordable interest rate (6.2% APR) over 1-5 years.

Mentoring – Twelve months free expert mentoring with monthly sessions with an experienced local entrepreneur or business consultant.

Workshops & Events – Access to exclusive workshops & networking events where you can learn everything you need to know to run your business.

Workspace – We have exclusive deals with a number of co-working spaces.

Business Discounts – Our partners supply a wide range of valuable startup discounts and business offers.

Further funding – We support to access further funding because access to funding is the most important area that helps entrepreneurs succeed.

Accelerator Programme –  We offer fast track entry to an accelerator programme designed to enable entrepreneurs to transform solid ideas into commercially viable startups.

MVP Development – We enable minimum viable product (MVP) development as a strategy for fast and quantitative market testing of your idea.

Co-Founder Matching – We offer co-founder matching because choosing your co-founder is arguably the most important business decision you’ll make.

PR & Marketing – We try and generate as much free PR for our businesses as we can.



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