Borrower’s Regeneration Project

Christopher Borkowski, SJI Ltd

Christopher Borkowski, MD of SJI Ltd who borrowed £100,000 in October has an exciting update to share with’s lenders:

“If I was a lender on your site and had lent money to a company I would want to know what was going on and how it had made a difference, so I want to give you an update on the project that the £100,000 we borrowed from you has allowed us to start.

“The money allowed us to pay legal and administrative fees on several projects and start work on them much sooner than expected. In one case we’ve engaged on a project in Nuneaton to redevelop an old listed cinema into a modern ‘miniplex.’ While keeping a lot of the original features, it’s going to reinvigorate the centre of the town, providing an arts centre, a training facility for schoolchildren and adults to learn about digital media, alongside a cinema.

“Ken Loach, the famous film director, was born in Nuneaton about a year after the original cinema was built. He has taken an active interest in the project, introduced us to the British Film Institute, who in turn has recommended our partner as the redeveloper.

“It’s fantastic to be able to make such a positive impact on society and all this wouldn’t have been possible without’s lenders. We’ve been on BBC radio a couple of times since the project started and it’s likely that Ken Loach will become a patron of the development in the future.”

Nick Moules of added: “ believes in creating clearer links between organisations and the community in which they operate. In this case, it is clear to see the benefit to Nuneaton in lending to Christopher’s company. We believe this sort of funding is the future of local authority spending.”

SJI Ltd works with councils and private developers across the UK on a range of commercial, retail-led and mixed use property developments. For more information on SJI Ltd, please see its website

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