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04th Sep, 2017

Cashback Promotion on Bids

With the Summer now largely behind us and the days getting shorter, we thought we’d brighten things up a little by offering lenders the chance to earn 4%* pa cashback on all bids on loans that complete between 04 September and 31 December 2017.

Cashback will be calculated from the day when the bid was made to the date the loan auction closes, at a rate of 4% per annum.

This means that if you bid £10,000 on an auction and the auction runs 10 days from when your bids is placed, you will receive £10.96 cashback, just for bidding.

This incentive means that your bids will not sit idle, but instead earn 4% pa, whilst you wait for the loan auction to complete. We are working to reduce ‘cash drag’ by bringing you more frequent deals.

You should remember that lending to businesses carries the risk of default. In the event of a default, you may lose all your unpaid capital and interest. If you are unsure about lending you should seek independent legal advice.

To find out more about the risks of lending please visit our Risks Page. 

Terms and Conditions Apply

  • Cashback is accrued at an annualised rate of 4% from the day the bids is made until the date of the close of the auction.
  • Cashback is conditional on the loan being accepted by the borrower.
  • Cashback amount is paid to the nearest whole penny. Fractions of pennies are truncated to two decimal places. No credit will be applied if the calculated promotional credit amount is less than £0.01.
  • To qualify your bid must be active at the close of the auction. No cash back will be paid on cancelled bids.
  • Promotion does not apply to a lender’s Available Balance, it applies to bids made on loans between 06/09/2017 and 31/12/2017, where the loan is accepted by the borrower.
  • Cashback will be added as a promotional credit after drawdown of the loan by the borrower, cashback will only appear on a lender’s dashboard and statement at this point.
  • If the loan is not drawn down and is instead cancelled, no cashback will be paid.
  • This promotion may be withdrawn at the discretion of at any time.

14th Nov, 2016

Introduce us and be Rewarded!

Our lender base is made up of a wide variety of savvy and well connected individuals, many of which are greatly involved with local entrepreneurs and businesses. Growing businesses need access to capital and we’re here to help.

We’d like to reward our members for referring businesses who are looking for additional finance.

If you refer a business to us that successfully raises finance through, we’ll reward you with a referral fee of 1% of the amount raised. All you have to do is send them our way and ask them to mention you at the point of application or first contact.

We’re looking for businesses that you love and support, that:

  • Have been trading for at least 2 years as a Ltd company or LLP; and
  • Have an average turnover of £50,000 a quarter

To find out more about our lending criteria, please visit How to Borrow

To refer businesses applicants to us, send them the link

Terms of Referral

* The loan must be fully funded by 31st Dec 2016
* You should not be a shareholder or director of the referred applicant
* You may not act as a broker on behalf of the applicant
* You must be registered lender of

13th May, 2016

Summer Special

Start earning interest straight away.  All bids on marketplace loans now attract interest from the day you place your bid (including loans which are currently listed).

Between the 13th May and the end of June 2016 we are running a Summer Special on all current loans on the marketplace as well as any new loans listed between this time.


  •  All active bids at the close of auction will be credited with interest
  •  Interest will accrue daily from 13th May 2016. For example, on a 7 day auction, if you bid on day 1 you shall receive 7 days’ interest, if you bid on day 7 you shall receive 1 day’s interest.
  • The interest rate earned is the final aggregate loan rate at auction close.  All lenders will get the same rate regardless of bid. For example, if you bid 20% at the start of a 7 day auction, are out-bid on the last day and rebid at 18%, you will get 1 days’ interest at the auction close rate which might be, hypothetically speaking 18.64%
  • Interest will be paid to each lender at the point the loan is drawn down when funds are sent to the borrower. Interest will only appear on a lender’s dashboard and statement at this point.
  • If the loan is not drawn down and is instead cancelled by the potential borrower or, no interest will be paid.
  • If a loan is extended and you withdraw your bid, you will earn no interest for the period your bid was active (as per point 1).
  • A ‘day’ ends at midnight, e.g. whether you bid at 9am, 6pm or 11.59pm you will accrue 1 full day’s interest at midnight.
  • This is a Summer Special initiative run by Interest will be paid by and not the borrower. The Special will continue until the end of June, at which point it will be reviewed for possible permanent inclusion.

Remember before bidding on any loans you should carry out your own due diligence on the applications and if you choose to bid, you should do so at risk adjusted rates.  

Past returns are not necessarily a guide to future returns. Any unrepaid capital is at risk of arrears or default.



29th Jul, 2015

Win an interest-free business loan is offering an interest-free business loan to one company this summer

Since we launched in 2012, we’ve helped over 120 businesses successfully obtain loans via our community of private investors. This summer, we’re offering one lucky business the chance to win a completely interest-free loan up to £25,000.

How will it work? All loan applications received by before August 31 will be eligible. The loan that completes with the lowest interest rate will have its interest payments for the first £25,000 of the loan covered by — lenders will still receive their interest at the rate offered.

Borrowers that extend their loan periods are not eligible, and loans must be fully finalised by October 31st (the draw date) to qualify.

We’ve run this offer before with great success. In April 2014, won an interest-free loan to be used for a guerilla marketing campaign.

Hippoprint co-owner Anthony Wood said: “Our new lenders include family and friends and other people who have had the opportunity to contact us directly with their questions. People are taking control of their finances more than ever and peer to business lending platforms are allowing them to make logical, ethical and moral decisions about how their money is invested.”

Apply today to be in with a chance

If you’re in the market for a loan for your limited company, LLP or PLC, there has never been a better time to turn to to make your financial goals a reality. More than 90 percent of the loans listed in our marketplace achieve their goals, and most do so in just 4-6 weeks.

Read more about the competition’s eligibility criteria »
Apply now »

To discuss a potential application with us please call our team on 0113 8150 244 or email us at

14th Sep, 2014

Dump your bank: Get 50% off refinancing fees

Many businesses don’t trust their bank, but don’t switch away from the bank because of the hassle and lack of options.

So, when a new business applies to borrow money, we’ll discount our arrangement fees by 50% when the business transfers the security taken by the bank to rebuildingsociety. This can be a debenture or security over assets.

Many businesses want to get away from factoring and we’re helping to make it easy and cost effective to do so.

Borrowers should register with the Referral “Dump my Bank” to indicate that they have seen this incentive offer, or they can inform us via email.

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28th Jan, 2014

Borrowers can get 25% off arrangement fees when they refer lenders

We believe businesses should be able to borrow money from people they know through recognised third parties, like

So, when a business borrows money, we’ll discount our arrangement fees by 25% when the business introduces four lenders that each lend £250 or more to the company through the loan auction.

Borrowers will be paying interest to their contacts as a way of saying thanks, rather than paying it to the bank.

To qualify for this offer, borrowers should ask for an affiliate link, which their referees have to use when registering with

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03rd Jan, 2014

Lender Incentives for Live Auctions

We have created a series of incentives for lenders on our live auctions, which are applied after a successful auction.

Each incentive is exclusive of others, so you can only qualify for 0.5% on any one loan.

  • New lender – Your bids are in the first £10k of your bids across the site
  • Largest lender – The highest individual contribution on any one application
  • Quick lender – Within the first 10 accepted bids on one application (doesn’t apply to BidPal)
  • Growing lender – Double your average bids on previous loans (if your average bid size is £20 and you make a single bid of £40, you get cashback on the £40 bid)
  • Local lender – If you’re a postcode match with the borrower (first two characters)


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