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04th Sep, 2017

Cashback Promotion on Bids

With the Summer now largely behind us and the days getting shorter, we thought we’d brighten things up a little by offering lenders the chance to earn 4%* pa cashback on all bids on loans that complete between 04 September and 31 December 2017.

Cashback will be calculated from the day when the bid was made to the date the loan auction closes, at a rate of 4% per annum. (more…)

14th Nov, 2016

Introduce us and be Rewarded!

Our lender base is made up of a wide variety of savvy and well-connected individuals, many of which are greatly involved with local entrepreneurs and businesses. Growing businesses need access to capital and we’re here to help.

We’d like to reward our members for referring businesses who are looking for additional finance. (more…)

13th May, 2016

Summer Special

Start earning interest straight away.  All bids on marketplace loans now attract interest from the day you place your bid (including loans which are currently listed).

Between the 13th May and the end of June 2016 we are running a Summer Special on all current loans on the marketplace as well as any new loans listed between this time.


29th Jul, 2015

Win an interest-free business loan is offering an interest-free business loan to one company this summer

Since we launched in 2012, we’ve helped over 120 businesses successfully obtain loans via our community of private investors. This summer, we’re offering one lucky business the chance to win a completely interest-free loan up to £25,000. (more…)

14th Sep, 2014

Dump your bank: Get 50% off refinancing fees

Many businesses don’t trust their bank, but don’t switch away from the bank because of the hassle and lack of options.

So, when a new business applies to borrow money, we’ll discount our arrangement fees by 50% when the business transfers the security taken by the bank to rebuildingsociety. This can be a debenture or security over assets. (more…)

28th Jan, 2014

Borrowers can get 25% off arrangement fees when they refer lenders

We believe businesses should be able to borrow money from people they know through recognised third parties, like

So, when a business borrows money, we’ll discount our arrangement fees by 25% when the business introduces four lenders that each lend £250 or more to the company through the loan auction. (more…)

03rd Jan, 2014

Lender Incentives for Live Auctions

We have created a series of incentives for lenders on our live auctions, which are applied after a successful auction.

Each incentive is exclusive of others, so you can only qualify for 0.5% on any one loan. (more…)

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