Dump your bank: Get 50% off refinancing fees

Many businesses don’t trust their bank, but don’t switch away from the bank because of the hassle and lack of options.

So, when a new business applies to borrow money, we’ll discount our arrangement fees by 50% when the business transfers the security taken by the bank to rebuildingsociety. This can be a debenture or security over assets.

Many businesses want to get away from factoring and we’re helping to make it easy and cost effective to do so.

Borrowers should register with the Referral “Dump my Bank” to indicate that they have seen this incentive offer, or they can inform us via email.

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Terms and Conditions

1. Loans should be for more than £50k

2. Legitimate security must be transferred from the banks name to rebuildingsociety.com

3. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with other offers

4. Referred lenders will be eligible for all other incentives available at the time

5. Business owners must have applied directly and not via an advisor / introducer who expects to be paid a commission.

Please tell your entrepreneur friends about this promotion!

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