Borrowers can get 25% off arrangement fees when they refer lenders

We believe businesses should be able to borrow money from people they know through recognised third parties, like

So, when a business borrows money, we’ll discount our arrangement fees by 25% when the business introduces four lenders that each lend £250 or more to the company through the loan auction.

Borrowers will be paying interest to their contacts as a way of saying thanks, rather than paying it to the bank.

To qualify for this offer, borrowers should ask for an affiliate link, which their referees have to use when registering with

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Terms and Conditions

1. Business owners cannot lend directly to their own business. There is no restriction on borrowers lending to other businesses though

2. Referred lenders must have £250 or more bid on the borrower’s loan at the end of the auction i.e. accepted bids to qualify the borrower for the 25% discount

3. There is no upper limit on the amount a referred lender can lend elsewhere on

4. Referred lenders will be eligible for all other incentives available at the time

5. Business owners must have applied directly and not via an advisor / introducer.

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