High Rewards for Idle Cash

Individuals with investment portfolios will probably be as frustrated as anyone else who’s looking to make their cash work hard for them in the recession. Property investment isn’t what it used to be and retail banking products simply don’t offer good enough returns.

Many will have a diverse portfolio including businesses they have invested considerable cash and expertise in, but they might also have cash lying in ISAs and savings accounts that’s drifting along gradually shedding value.

With returns of 12 per cent plus realisable through crowdfunding and the model designed to spread risk over multiple small investments, £10,000 or £100,000 in an account going nowhere could quickly turn into a healthy passive income.

But it’s not just any old business that makes it on to our platform. We’re interested in businesses that are profitable with two years of accounts because our reputation is on the line too. Other sites are better suited to start-ups and product concepts, but we want to protect our lenders as much as we can by filtering out the less stable businesses because we value referrals and repeat business.

So if you’re interested in crowdfunding’s possibilities, the next step is to try it out with a platform that understands what investors want.

rebuildingsociety.com has a steady stream of verified businesses making it on to our site, while our borrower stories and forum give investors the chance to ask their questions and truly understand the type of person they’re dealing with, which as any investor knows, is just as important as the numbers.

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