Is now a good time to be a broker?

Commercial finance is going through a revolution at the moment. Innovation is rife and there are seemingly more ways now for brokers to help their clients raise funding than in previous years, even if the volume of cash available is similar.

Banks are not lending at pre-credit crunch volumes, driven in part by their capital adequacy requirements as revealed by Barclays’ drive to fill a £12bn hole in its balance sheet. However, there are others filling the gap – it’s just a case of keeping up.

With finance increasingly moving online, there are numerous providers taking up niches in the market and offering refined products.

Large secured loans, property-backed loans, invoice finance, equity crowdfunding and unsecured loans to name a few.

So where can a broker start finding the best deals?

The differentiators between on-line platforms are increasingly service-driven with providers looking to compete through superior service, as everyone can generally offer decent rates for clients and generous referral fees.’s personal touch is something we’re keen to retain – many brokers who use us know people in the office by their first name and we want to keep it that way.

The pattern in the market is for providers to look at a product that is deemed to be inefficient, yet serves a purpose, and see if modern technology can inject efficiency. We’ve all lent money to businesses, albeit indirectly, through saving money with a bank, but we can do that more efficiently now by doing it directly through Borrowers and savers get a better rate because of the efficiency created.

What about the future?

Products like equity release and pensions are surely going to be given the technology treatment in the next couple of years as consumers look to drive more value from them and the demography of the UK is shifting dramatically.

At we’ll do what we can to keep our brokers informed on the changing space, but we also have the technology to disrupt traditional markets. Our white-labelled offering gives people a head start in their business by licensing technology that took us a year to create. If you can spot an opportunity in an inefficient market, why not see if our technology can help you operate in it?

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