Passes £500,000 of Loans

We’re delighted to have passed £500,000 of loans to UK businesses.

We’ve now completed 11 deals and have facilitated over £210,000 of micro loan trades on our micro loan market, which until yesterday’s £110,000 deal completed, represented over 50% of completed loans. We think this is fantastic news for the site, as it means lenders can be confident of an exit from a loan if their strategy is to divest.

At the time of writing there are two more deals 100% filled. The rates have been accepted by the borrowers and they are going through our completion process, which includes singing personal guarantees and in one case securing a second charge over a property. We hope to announce their completion shortly.

In the meantime, we’re always looking for new borrowers and our existing members can earn referral fees for sending them our way.

By becoming an affiliate, you’ll be given a unique URL, which your friend needs to use when registering. From that point onwards, their activity is linked to your account, so if they go on to complete a loan, you’ll earn 0.5% (£550 on yesterday’s Goatcher Chandler Ltd deal). If they go on to become a lender, you’ll claim £50 when they pass £1,000 lent in live auctions.

Just email to receive yours.

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