Introducing Crowdfunding Focus Magazine & Discount for Members

As the crowdfunding and peer-to-peer lending industries grow, they will require specialist media to cover them and become reliable and impartial sources of information for all sides. We’re proud to be supporting CrowdFunding Focus, a new magazine available on iTunes and in January it will be available on the Newsstand at the Google Play store for Android devices.

The magazine covers, among other things:

  • Articles by experts
  • Tools, tips and resources
  • Book reviews
  • Interviews
  • Podcasts
  • Success stories
As a platform, we know it’s in our best interests to promote a wider understanding, but also to support good quality journalism and production. You might recognise a couple of pieces in this month’s edition, as we’ve contributed to the magazine.

It is available here:  and members are entitled to a one month discount by entering this code at the checkout: CFFmag1

Instructions to activate your bonus code to the CrowdFunding Focus magazine.

Step one

Open the Apple App Newsstand app on your Apple device.

Step two

Search for CrowdFunding Focus

Step three

Download the CrowdFunding Focus magazine app from the Apple app store.

Step four

Click on the yellow ‘Subscribe‘ button (top right)

Step five

Click on Current subscriber button

Step six

Insert bonus code CFFmag1 into the account area and press enter

Step seven

Wait for the magazine to download.

Step eight

Enjoy the read!

Step nine

If you have enjoyed reading the magazine please help us by leaving a review by clicking the link below

CrowdFunding Focus Magazine Review

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