Commercial Vehicle Mechanics Geared for Growth

“We’re a good business, with a good set of accounts and a clear vision of where we want to go”, says John Harbisher, a director of commercial vehicle mechanics M&J Commercials.

With a high standard of customer service at the heart of M&J’s proposition, John and fellow director Mark Wilson have grown the company to a staff of nine, including an apprentice, from a standing start in late 2007. They both used to work for a larger dealership, but decided they could do the job just as well themselves and set up on their own, and were incorporated in 2011.

And things are looking good too. John is confident of winning more business in the next couple of months that will require a further three mechanics and another two apprentices as the current crop moves on to working with tools and more experienced staff.

With more numbers on the premises, it’s important for John to make the most of the space available to increase productivity. M&J’s funding request is to re-tarmac the potholed yard it inherited with its premises to enable outside working. It will also cover the cost of CCTV installation, to further improve security and reassurance for customers.

“At the moment the yard is full of puddles, and although ours is a mucky job at times, no-one can work in those conditions. Once we’re able to re-tarmac, we’ll be able to work on the pits inside and do other work outside”, says John.

“It will also look better, which should attract more new business to us as well. At the moment about 80 per cent of our work is contract work, so repeat business, but picking up more new enquiries always helps. And I’m keen for our yard to reflect the pride we take in our work here.”

John says the team is a tight-knit group who share the same ethics of hard work and getting the job done right the first time.

It’s a formula that’s working well for customers and should support a business that grew turnover by an impressive 50 per cent last year and aims to increase it again by 25 per cent in 2014.

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