rebuildingsociety completes its 50th loan

Last week rebuildingsociety completed its 50th loan.

We set out to help UK businesses grow without help from the bank and so far 48 businesses (two have taken more than one loan through us) have received cash from individuals from around the UK to further their business ambitions, expanding their product ranges, purchasing machinery, winning tenders and employing more people.

Things look a lot different now than when we completed our first loan, with the industry now regulated and awareness of peer-to-peer lending greatly improved. We’re now talking about how the industry can capitalise on the ISA move, how the UK fits in a global peer-to-peer landscape and the potential of partnership arrangements with larger institutions – we see this as a sign that the core benefits of p2p have been recognised as the future of financial services.

We’re looking forward to racing towards our next milestone, helping UK businesses fulfil their potential along the way. On behalf of all the businesses that have been funded through our platform – many thanks.

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