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Trust Points

rebuildingsociety.com is an ethical business that is committed to bringing communities together in a way that will inspire and encourage businesses within the communities to grow in a manner that is both engaging and mutually beneficial.

As a result of this ethos and mind set, rebuildingsociety.com have developed a unique reward scheme which takes the form of a Trust.

At least every six months, rebuildingsociety.com will allocate 20% of the profits earned on the platform to the trust. The fund is then shared with active users on a points basis. Points can be earned by doing simple things such as just logging into their account, or by referring a friend to use rebuildingsociety.com. Entrepreneurs can earn extra points by going above and beyond when dealing with their investors, for example by making an early repayment on a loan. The trust point scheme has been setup in the spirit of a community that is willing to help each other make their money work for them.

Trust Points essentially rank users according to the way in which they use and interact with the platform. Trust Points are not an indication or declaration by us of how well we believe you can trust individual users.

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