Updates to rebuildingsociety.com’s Terms and Conditions

We have recently made some minor amends to our terms and conditions. The first two changes relate to contact details as we may need to contact members from time to time. Another change has been instigated to protect lenders from borrowers delaying their decision to accept their loan offer.

  • 3.4 Each lender agrees that rebuildingsociety.com may correspond with lenders by way of email, post and telephone via the contact details supplied by the lender.
  • 3.4.1 Each lender agrees to ensure that all contact details supplied are accurate and kept up-to-date.
  • 15.1 Interest on the loan will be deemed to accrue from the second business day following the end of the loan auction or from the first Business Day following the Advance Date.

If anyone has any queries about these changes, please contact help@rebuildingsociety.com

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