Voting on the Discussion Boards

We’re always looking to facilitate communication between our investors and our borrowers, so we’re pleased to announce a new feature on the discussion boards: voting.

If you look at any topic posted, you will see the thumbs up and thumbs down  buttons on each message. We want to help investors let borrowers know which questions they want to see answered and we want borrowers to know which questions the community is most keen to hear the answer to. On the flipside, we want you to help each other by voting down questions or replies that you do not feel are relevant or adequate.

On a serious note, many users have got in touch recently to let us know that they have been disappointed with the quality, tone and relevance of some of the recent questioning. We want to help the community have constructive discussions about investments but we don’t want to censor the debate.

You should continue to report any comments which may be discriminatory, fraudulent, defamatory, obscene or threatening.

The more you get involved, the better this will work, so please get voting! As always, please send any feedback to

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