Why Settle for Conventional Finance?

Since the rebuildingsociety.com blog has been operational, it has covered the issue of SMEs struggling for commercial finance on several occasions. This time our comment has been inspired by a British Chamber of Commerce survey about trust in banks that got us wondering why people settle for conventional finance that might not be the best deal for their business.

Frugal businesses will reassess their supplier contracts to see if they’re getting the best deal for paper, printer ink and office rates, while consumers’ spending habits have been revolutionised by comparison websites, which challenge almost every outgoing to get the best deal.

We’re also in an age where people who can save you money, like Martin Lewis, have celebrity status.

So if getting value for money is so well ingrained into our culture, why hasn’t commercial finance caught up?

It must be an awareness issue, so that is why rebuildingsociety.com is engaging with business owners and advisers to spread the news that it will probably be cheaper, faster and less invasive than an application with a bank.

We’re sure settling for less won’t be an option in a little while once the word spreads, but now is an opportunity to take advantage of the cash available through our investor network.

rebuildingsociety.com is also a social model that brings our borrowers into contact with hundreds of investors who might take an interest in your business. They’ll boost their credibility on our site by sharing information through social networks, so not only will you get finance at competitive rates, you’ll be marketing the business at the same time.

It really is a different approach to commercial finance that can add value to everyone involved.

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