Working Capital Needed for Central London Lawyers’ Growth Plans

Stanley Jermiah is Aequitas Law Ltd’s Director. In a quick chat with Nick Moules, he explained why the company is looking to raise funds through and why lenders should consider backing it.

NM: Can you tell our lenders why you’re looking for a loan?

SJ: We’re working hard to increase the number of cases we deal with and this can mean we need to pay referral fees. These need to be paid upfront, but our fees are only paid to us at the case’s conclusion, so we need finance to bridge the gap in between.

NM: Can you give me a brief history of the company and your involvement?

SJ: The company as a single entity is over ten years old. I was there at the beginning, I left to pursue other interests, but I’ve been back since 2010 and looking forward to taking the company into the next stage of its lifecycle.

NM: What are your growth plans for the 2013 and why will your business succeed?

SJ: We’ve seen a rise in enquiries across our three main income streams, business law, litigation and personal injury. We also have experience of doing business in Asia, which is useful, particularly in light of the influx of Asians to Europe. We’re commercially minded lawyers too, so this has the potential to open new streams for us too.

NM: You’ve recently changed the status of the business from a Limited Liability Partnership to a Limited company, why did you do that?

SJ: We did this because one partner wished to exit and I didn’t want to run the company as a sole trader. The status of a limited company gives a business greater flexibility – the sale of shares for example.

NM: Finally, why should people lend you money?

SJ: For several good reasons. The company is profitable and has excellent prospects for winning new business in a number of fields. Plus I’ve been in this industry for nearly thirty years, so my reputation is hard-earned and I don’t want to compromise it. I’ve also got my own money invested in the company, so I have very strong interests in maintaining our profitability.

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